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  • Dream of Kalamazoo Foundation

    We are now providing free cuts for children in foster care or who have been adopted.
  • Transitions and Growth

    Mostly, we just want you all to know that while some things may change, it is only for the good of the brand and all of you fine folks who have chose to partner with us. 
  • Annual Ask Me Anything

    Hi everyone, we are doing our annual Ask Me Anything over on Reddit r/iAMA   u/samsonshaircare
  • Our First International Review

  • New Barber and Retail Shop

    I wanted to let you know that we are officially open and operating at 254 E Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI.
  • How Is It Made

  • Barber Spotlight: Joey Biron

    I learn something new about Joey every time I enter his shop. With all the things he’s accomplished, you’d think he was at least twice his age. A...
  • How Does Jake Cut Hair

  • Barber Spotlight: Barber of the Ville

    Truth be told, Tony is more than a barber, and we respect that at Samson's. 
  • Positive Review by ModernManTV

    Enjoy a thorough review by ModernManTV.