Transitions and Growth

Hi guys! It's Adam from Samson's. I know it's been a minute since I've given you a proper update so I wanted to fill you in on a few updates and let you know what we've been up to. 

Jake and I have been pursuing Samson's with real conviction since July of 2019 when I came on full time. Since then, we've launched 8 mainstay products with 4 more on the way. We've learned so much about the products themselves and the industry as a whole. We've discovered our convictions and done our best to communicate those. When we started, we thought the name "Samson's" would say everything we thought. Strength, performance, conviction, humility. Since then, we've learned that it's up to us to develop products that work first and have a great customer experience second. We've learned that creating a great product will get a customer to buy again, but it's great packaging and marketing that will get them to buy the first time. Lastly, we now know that contract manufacturing and private/white labeling is how just about the entire industry works, but we've also learned that it's not for us. 

After years of experience, we've grown in our convictions for foster care. We even host a Foster Dads Happy Hour non-support group at our barbershop twice a month. Also, there is a Samson's Barbershop now. Most local folks think the shop existed before the brand, but it's the other way around. While we were both involved in foster care prior to launching Samson's, we've only recently come to realize that it is essential to our identity as a brand and something we are happy to communicate across our different platforms. If it's got our name on it, we made it. We see ourselves as a bit of a heritage brand in our approach. We even manufacture in the old Gibson Amplifier building. 

bros shaking hands

Mostly, we just want you all to know that while some things may change, it is only for the good of the brand and all of you fine folks who have chose to partner with us.