Barber Spotlight: Joey Biron

Sequoia and Joey

I learn something new about Joey every time I enter his shop. With all the things he’s accomplished, you’d think he was at least twice his age. As I heard it, Joey started in construction at 16 and worked it for 8 years. Construction and hair were the family businesses, and he had to pick one. After working his way up for 8 years, he realized his body would not thank him if he continued in the field until retirement so he switched to CNA work at a local hospital. After a few years of grueling work there, he decided to go back to school to the other family business and became a licensed cosmetologist. After school, Joey decided to focus on men’s hair and found the coolest location we could imagine. Studio 3.31 is literally inside a gym. As soon as we saw Joey’s shop, we kicked ourselves for not buying it before him. I cannot imagine a more convenient spot. Thankfully, Joey has the chops to match his location along with an awesome dog Sequoia.

Overall, we just love spending time in Studio 3.31 with Joey at the helm. There’s such an attitude of inclusiveness and collaboration in his space. His work speaks for him.